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Posted by on Nov 7, 2015 in News, Options Trading, Trading |

StockPair Signals – In Depth Review

StockPair Signals – In Depth Review

   As a very special company in the world of trading with binary options, “StockPair” is very interesting to thousands of traders from all over the world since this reliable and respected enterprise offers top notch services for more than 5 years now. What is so unique and specific about this broker house is the fact that they first started as a company that offered a method which was revolutionary at the time – Pair options, and two years later, in 2012, they also introduced trading with binary options to their website. This pioneer of trading in these methods is certainly one of the most popular broker houses and often makes the top lists of the leading companies in the business.


This company is owned by Nextrade Worldwide, and the headquarters of “StockPair” are located in Limassol, Cyprus. Because of that location, the company is under jurisdiction of CySEC (Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission) and this regulatory body has issued their license to “StockPair” in 2014, under the code number 229/14. This means that the company is in accordance with the demanding legislation from the European Union and that security and safety protocols are followed to the maximum. License from a respected authority like CySEC is a form of guarantee, and a lot of traders look for this when choosing the best option for their investments.


Placing investments with this broker house is not only safe, it is also very enjoyable and exciting, due to several factors. It is also highly profitable, mostly due to the very accurate “StockPair” signals which give tips on good investment opportunities, and a lot of clients rely on the signals to find out where and how to place the bids. Those signals are sent to customers in three ways – through SMS, mail or directly to their account on the website, similar as in TropicalTrade, and they generally give advice on how the market is going to change and what will be the predicted prices of certain assets. Clients naturally have full control over the bidding process, and they personally select which StockPair signals are they going to use. A small monthly subscription fee is required to be able to receive the signals, but they are certainly worth such small investments, because the results and the subsequent profits are staggering. Any trader who is interested in increasing profit or just making more money with trading in binary options should subscribe to these signals, since they have a very high success rate and that makes them very profitable.

“StockPair” also supports several other companies which are specialized in providing binary options signals, but clients are encouraged to use the signals from the home broker because the third party tips are sometimes less reliable and can occasionally be a part of scam or some similar activity. Therefore, once you have account established with “StockPair”, fill in the necessary details regarding the trading signals, and the fun can start. They will provide much easier access to information and all adequate opportunities, and the only thing left to do is to place some good bids and enjoy counting the money later.

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