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Posted by on Jan 20, 2016 in Options Trading, Trading |

Qualities That Every Binary Options Signal Provider Should Have


Despite there being numerous service providers who offer binary options signals to traders, not all of them work according to the book. Some of them may not have the qualities that are essential for forecasting a trade or can give good accuracy rates. If you keep asking: “What are the qualities of a good binary options signal provider?” then you have come to the right place, because here is a list of qualities that a reliable signals provider must have.

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  1. Market choices

Beware of signal providers that provide signals only for one market, as this restrains your external trading abilities therefore you end up making less than what you are potential of. Before subscribing to a binary options signals provider, check to ensure that they offer signals for not only single markets but more markets as this opens the avenue make more money trading.


  1. Signal frequency

The frequency of the signals you receive from your binary options signals provider are useless if the accuracy is low. A provider should display signal frequencies clearly, otherwise stay away from those that doesn’t clearly list them as they could be out there to scam you. It is better to receive 10 signals with an accuracy of 85% than have a signals provider that sends you 70 signals with only about 60% accuracy.


  1. Accuracy rates

Trading is all about being able to make accurate decisions based on accurate signals. If signals received are not accurate enough, you can only expect losses. Even though no signals can give you 100% accuracy rates, it is wise to avoid those providers with below par accuracy rates if you value your time and money.


  1. Availability of Multiple assets to deal with

When you sign up with a signals provider, always enquire about other assets that they offer signals for. This is important especially for new traders who still need a wide range of underlying assets to try before choosing what works for them as this is able to help them avoid having to depend on the same asset even if they are not getting profits.


  1. Real-time signals

Real – time signals should be a mandatory service for signals providers to send their clients. If traders does not get timely signals, they risk losing profits, losing trades and also missing out on an optimal trading window.


  1. How the signals are delivered.

Being aware of the delivery method your signals provider uses is an important thing that should not be ignored. The common methods of signals delivery are SMS, Email and Dashboard – This requires a computer.

If you want the most accurate and fastest deliveries, use the dashboard service but if you cannot access a computer all the time, go for the SMS delivery option.

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The qualities that we have mentioned above are spread across the various binary options signals service providers, so it is wise to choose one that’s as close to a perfect plan for you as possible. Good luck Trading!

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